Reviewing and Interpreting Transcripts from Mexico

Description:  This training provides information to empower local school districts to accurately review and interpret transcripts from Mexico. This training will provide districts with the tools to:

  • Reduce the dropout rate of recent immigrant students
  • Increase the graduation rate of recent immigrant students
  • Transfer credits from Mexico accurately
  • Make appropriate placement decisions for students from Mexico
  • Save the district money by keeping students from repeating credits already earned

Participants will leave with an understanding of:

  • Why accurately serving recent immigrant students is essential
  • How the school system in Mexico compares to our system
  • How to read student names
  • How to review and interpret records from Mexico
  • How to request records from Mexico
  • How to send records to Mexico

Participants will receive a binder with the following information:

  • Guide for elementary school transfers
  • Guide for middle school transfers
  • Guide for high school transfer credits by course/content area
  • School year equivalency table
  • Sample transcripts
  • Forms for transfer of credit
  • Translations for transcript terms

Training time:

High School — full day training or half-day training — to include hands-on practice reviewing transcripts and time to work on district transcripts under the guidance of the trainer.  (You may also bring Mexican transcripts for students who have enrolled in high school in previous years; you might be able to find some credits that will move them closer to graduation.)


Counselors, Registrars, ESL teachers, ESL Coordinators, ESL Facilitators, and others involved with transcripts for students who are recent immigrants from Mexico.


$189   per person (minimum 10 participants)

$179   per person (11-15 participants)

$169   per person (16-20 participants)

$159   per person (20+ participants)

Price includes one binder for each participant.

Coming Soon:      What’s New in Children’s Literature


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